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Color and graphics are compelling design elements which establish character and identity by developing a story unique to each facility. Whether you’re designing a new facility from the ground up or looking to renovate or update an existing one, attention to interior details of your facility will help ensure success.

Integrated Branding is the foremost professional approach for businesses in defining their position in the market through various channels, by exhibiting the company’s culture and values through the appropriate visual identity.

Customizing spaces through the use of color and interpretive imagery specific to the location establishes a connection between patrons and the facility. Not only do these elements create a visual connection, but they evoke particular feelings and emotions, establishing a visceral connection as well. When patrons feel a connection to the building, they will choose to return time and time again.


Following are six ways in which simple color and graphic concepts can be used to define and enhance the design of your facility


Color has the ability to influence settings and evoke specific sentiments or attitudes. In the high-energy, highly saturated and dazzling colors are successfully applied. Color can also be used to communicate. The brightly colored walls serve as an efficient wayfinding tool, leading visitors through the facility by highlighting destinations and marking circulation.

Icon Element

Natural or cultural aspects are immediately recognizable and identifiable. This type of connection is significant because it reinforces the concept that a facility belongs to a specific region and creates a gathering point for the community to congregate and relax.

Photographic Images

Another way to bring color and graphic imagery to facility spaces is to employ big format digital prints.
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Theming is a way for successfully engaging multiple age groups in a facility, particularly in areas geared toward children.
  • Art Deco Delight
  • Bohemian Beauty
  • Classical Reflections
  • Contemporary Cheer
  • Elegant Country
  • Hollywood Glam
  • Industrial Edge
  • Mid Century Modern
  • Minimalist
  • Oriental Mindset

Activity Graphics

Recreation facilities are hotspots of activity, and the resulting actions and movements provide excellent design features for any facility.
  • Playground
  • Pantry
  • Cafee

Historical Elements

Incorporating a community’s history is a simple and obvious method to connect the past and present by showcasing the places, events, and people that shaped them. These visuals can be informational, instructional, emotive, or decorative, and both visitors and residents like them.
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